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A Photo Guide: Killbear Provincial Park in Winter

We have always enjoyed exploring areas in off season as it often has little to no tourists, chances of seeing wildlife are higher and for all intensive purposes it is incredibly peaceful to be on your own in the outdoors.  We just finished exploring Killbear Provincial Park in winter where we saw more wildlife than people!  Killbear gets over 380,000 visitors each year during its operating season (May-October).  While during the busy months it is still very peaceful to camp and hike along the shores of Georgian Bay, the winter offers an unparalleled experience with almost no one in sight.

Located just north of Parry Sound just short of a two hour drive from Toronto Killbear Provincial Park it an easy destination for a day trip or an over night adventure.  Camping is not available in the winter season but accommodations can be found in Parry Sound.  Depending on your weather conditions while driving to Killbear Provincial Park in winter your drive could be closer to just over three hours.

We hope these photos will inspire you to visit Killbear Provincial Park in winter, its off-peak season to explore the true beauty it has to offer.

2017 Canada 150th Birthday Bucket List

2017 means a new year filled with new adventures and possibilities as well as marks the year of Canada 150th Birthday! This year we will be focusing on our travels within Canada as our beautiful country celebrates its 150th birthday and all of the parks, national historic sites and national marine sites are free to the public.

To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday admission to all Parks Canada places will be free for the entirety of 2017.  In order to gain free admission to the parks you must order your free parks pass by ordering their 2017 Discovery Pass (free of charge) here: http://www.pc.gc.ca/eng/voyage-travel/admission.aspx

With 47 national parks, 171 national historic sites and 4 national marine conservation areas there is so much to discover from coast to coast.  We plan on attempting to explore as many of these national parks and historic sites before the end of 2017. Below is our bucket list items to celebrate Canada 150th birthday broken down by province.

*Note: Each of the site links will not be clickable until we have visited the site and written a blog post on it! If there is a road symbol next to it its still on our bucket list.  You can tell we have visited the site when there is a check next to it!

 During 2017 for Canada 150th Birthday we have visited 8/47 National Parks, 20/171 National Historic Sites & 1/4 National Marine sites so far.