Staying at Chicken Gold Camp

If you are travelling along the Top of the World Highway you will be driving right through Chicken, Alaska! Don’t blink or you will miss the turn into this cool little town.  Chicken is home to 7 permanent residents living in an outpost in the wilderness savouring the gold rush days and authentic Alaska experience! Whether you are road tripping in your RV or looking for roofed accommodation Chicken Gold Camp also known as Chicken RV Park has both of those options.  We spent the night at Chicken Gold Camp and had an absolute blast!

Here is our experience staying at Chicken Gold Camp in Chicken, Alaska!

Getting to Chicken Gold Camp

Chicken Gold Camp is located on Airport Road which intersects the Taylor Highway (Alaska #5) at milepost 66.4 in Chicken.  If you are coming from the Top of the World Highway Chicken Gold Camp is 174 km (4 hours) from Dawson City and 67.8 km (50 minutes) from the boarder crossing at Poker Creek.

Amenities at Chicken Gold Camp

Campground – There are 39 electric RV campsites, 32 non-electric RV or tent campsites, rooms and 5 cabins.  There are 20 amp back-in-sites and pull through sites, 30 amp electic pull-through RV sites, Free wireless interent (for limited time daily), free bundle of firewood for each campsite, portable water at the fill up station, coin operated showers, dump station and more!


  • $40/night for 20 amp sites
  • $36/night for for 30 amp sites
  • $16/night for non-electric sites
  • $90-$110/night for non-electric cabin
  • $135/night for log cabin with solar electricity
  • $150/night for 2 bedroom apartment with kitchenette

The Chicken Creek Outpost:

The Chicken Creek Outpost houses an interent cafe, espresso bar, gift shop, a cafe that serves home made breakfasts, lunches, dinners, drinks and spirits and snacks. For all the information on what the Chicken Creek Outpost has to offer check out their website. 

What To Do At Chicken Gold Camp

There are so many great things to do at Chicken Gold Camp! Here is a list of the top activities:

Visit the Pedro Dredge: This national historic site began operating in 1938 and is the most complete gold dredge open to the public on the Alaska road system.  There are daily tours of the dredge in the summer season.

Mine for Gold: You can rent a gold pan for $10 for 4 hours and try your hand at gold mining! You are guaranteed to find some gold as the pay dirt is coming directly from the campgrounds active gold mine that is close by.  We found over 55 specs of gold!

Visit the Cowden Dredge: The Cowden Dredge can be found 4.5km down a trail near Chicken Gold Camp. This dredge is not in great shape and floats in the river now but makes for a great hike!

Explore the Chicken Gold Camp Property: Littered throughout the campground property is tons of history that has been left in its place frozen in time.  From old tractors, dredge buckets, gold rush cabins and more there is so much to see all within a quick walk from the Outpost.

Exploring Chicken, Alaska – A Photo Guide

The small border town of Chicken, Alaska welcomes visitors travelling along the Top of the World Highway and the Taylor Highway.  This small town with a funny name of Chicken has a lot of charm and well worth a stop on your drive through eastern Alaska.

How did a town end up with a name like Chicken? Well in the late 1800’s early miners travelled to the area in search of Gold and food became scare but near the area of South Fork of the 40-Mile River was abundant in Ptarmigan.  The Ptarmigan, now the state bird, resembles a chicken and was the primary source of food for the miners.  In 1902, the town was to be incorporated and the name Ptarmigan was suggested but no one would agree on how to spell it so they decided on Chicken.  Make sure to stop by the Chicken Gold Camp and visit the large chicken on the hill.  While at the Gold Camp make sure to try your hand at panning for gold – we found over 55 specs of gold! For $10 you can rent a pan for 4 hours and give it a shot.  The campground brings over pay dirt directly from their active mine.

Right next to the wash plants where you can pan for gold is the Pedro Dredge that offers guided tours daily during the summer season.  There are a variety of relics from the gold rush era scattered around the dredge including dredge buckets, tractors, cabins, and some great hiking trails that you should plan to spend some time exploring while in Chicken.

Looking to stay the night? We stopped in at the Chicken Creek RV Park also known as Chicken Gold Camp & Outpost that offers pull-through sites with 24 hour power, tent sites, hotel rooms or cabins.  At the RV Park you will find the Goldpanner Gift shop willed with lots of necessities as well as fun chicken themed items.  At the Outpost is where you will find some original, homemade breakfasts, lunches and dinners which we highly suggest you try!  Their homemade food is incredible even their cookies which will just melt in your mouth.

Chicken is the perfect place to spend a day exploring the beautiful town with so much charm but be careful if you blink you might miss is as you travel along the dirt highway.

Here is our Photo Guide to Visiting Chicken, Alaska!

Driving the Top of the World Highway

The Top of the World Highway is one of the most scenic drives you will ever take.  Connecting Dawson City, Yukon to Tok, Alaska this winding road highway will take you through mountains ranges and offer a truly breathtaking drive.  The Top of the World Highway is 301km long and crosses a the Little Gold/Poker Creek Boarder Crossing from the Yukon to Alaska, which is the most northern international border crossing in all of North America.  It only takes a few minutes to leave Dawson City and realize where the name of the highway comes from.

This remote northern highway will allow you to find relics of the gold rush abandoned on the side of the road and throughout towns.

What To See Along the Top of the World Highway

Gold Rush History

The abandoned Cowden dredge located 3km east of Chicken down a 4.5km woodland trail begining at Mile marker 68.3 along the highway.  There is also the Pedro Dredge right in the town of Chicken that hosts guided tours daily during the summer season.

Viewpoints Along the Highway

There are so many pulloffs along the highway that give you those breathtaking views you can see along the highway.  Spend some time to pull over and take in the view.

Services & Amenities

Being a remote northern highway, the Top of the World Highway has long distances between services including fuel, food and accommodation. Fuel, food and accommodation are only available in Dawson City, Chicken and Tok.  The drive between Dawson City and Tok are 300 km and roughly seven hours depending on the conditions of the road.

Poker Creek Boarder Crossing

The Poker Creek Boarding Crossing along with the Top of the World Highway is open May to mid-September and will close upon first snowfall.  For exact dates of opening and closing call the information centre in Dawson City at 1-867-993-5566.  The northernmost international border crossing in North America and also the one at the highest elevator at 1,258m is open seven days a week and operates 8:00am – 8:00pm Alaska Standard Time Zone.

What to Expect While Driving The Top of the World Highway

The winding highway provides with seemingly never ending views of the mountains way off in the distance (hence the name Top of the World Highway).  For much of the 127 km between Dawson City and junction with the Taylor Highway the Top of the World Highway climbs along high points of a series of ridges far above the treeline.  The highway was originally paved (chipsealed) in the late 1990’s, the chipseal has not been maintained and as of 2013 half of it is now gravel.  The Canadian side of the highway is much smoother and allows for you to move at the speed limit up until about 10 miles after the US border crossing where it turns to gravel.  The Top of the World Highway has several steep drops on the Canadian side and provides breath taking views at the top of each hill.  Once crossed into the USA the roads turn into more narrow and winding mountain roads that will force you to go slow but there is often little traffic and you can take your time.

There is only one official campground on the Top of the World Highway which is right at the beginning of the highway at the ferry crossing in West Dawson.  Although there is only one official spot to camp there are many large parking areas where you can pull over and park overnight.  The next accommodation spot in Chicken, the coolest little town in Alaska!

Make sure to take the time to experience those seemingly never ending views of the mountains way off in the distance, pull over and take a photo and just take in the view.  This is a once in a lifetime drive you will never forget!

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