Agawa Rock


Photo Guide to Visiting The Indigenous Archaeological Site of Agawa Rock Pictographs

The breathtaking Agawa Rock Pictographs located in Lake Superior Provincial Park is one of the most visited indigenous archaeological sites in Canada. The majority of these The red ochre paintings that were hand drawn on the stone are believed to date back to the 17th and 18th centuries. After the short 400m hike to the sacred Ojibwe site there is a sign that shows you all of the drawings that have been discovered and can be seen today. Many of the drawings continue to fade into the stone from the wind, sun and other natural elements. You can very visbily see the canoes, familiar animals including bear, deer, moose and caribou but the most reconigizable painting is known as the ‘Misshepezhieu’. The Misshepezhieu also known as the Great Lynx is the spirit of the water which was known to work for and against humans depending on the day. He would calm the waters as well as bring on great storms and winds on Lake Superior by thrashing his tail. This hike is one of the best things we did during our trip to Lake Superior Provincial Park and left us not wanting to leave this beautiful and sacred site that is Agawa Rock Pictographs.

Please enjoy our picture guide to visiting Agawa Rock Pictographs!

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