Southern Ontario

Southern Ontario is the most densely populated region in Canada, with over 90% of Ontarians living in just 15% of the province.  The southern Ontario region differs drastically from Northern Ontario in almost all aspects, including the larger population, different climate, and landscape than its northern counterpart.  Home to the Greater Toronto Area, southern Ontario also enjoys an abundance of freshwater coastline on three of the five Great Lakes (Ontario, Erie and Huron).

Visiting Point Pelee National Park
Visiting the southernmost part of mainland Canada extending for 15 kilometres into Lake Erie is Point Pelee National Park.  The
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2017 Canada 150th Birthday Bucket List
2017 means a new year filled with new adventures and possibilities as well as marks the year of Canada 150th
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Exploring the Toronto Christmas Market
Each year the iconic Toronto Christmas Market attracts over 600,000 people to the historic Distillery District in downtown Toronto. This
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Exploring Elora Gorge
It is amazing how Ontario has so many beautiful places to visit, Elora being one of them. The enchanting village
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