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Hey! Thanks for stopping by.  Chris Alexander and Nicole Amos are the two awesome people behind CNA Photos.  We are weekend warriors who in their free time love to travel and document their adventures through ways of photography and videography.


We are a Canadian couple who is proud to call Canada home.  We have such a great country to explore and represent.  We both share a love of photography and adventure which makes us a perfect match for all our adventures we have planned.  Everytime we travel we try to explore and capture the true sense of each area through their unique culture, exotic foods and exploring areas off the beaten path.  You will often find us up at the crack of dawn for each adventure and exploring well after the sun sets beyond the horizon.



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Collectively we have travelled through 19 countries and plan to continue to expand our county count each year in search of the best adventures.

Nicole Amos

lna_0809Hey there! I am Nicole, born and raised in Ontario, Canada.  I have been travelling most of my life mainly travelling through all of North America.  I have visiting all ten provinces in Canada and forty of the states in the USA.  I am a graduate of the University of Western Ontario  in Honours Specialization History which has only given me the urge to travel more to explore and better understand each countries rich history and culture.

Photography has always been a passion that I am glad I am able to share with other adventurers through each of our travels.  Since meeting Chris who shares the same passions as me our trips have only gotten better.  As a weekend warrior I also hold a full time job as an Medical Education and Corporate Events Coordinator for a medical company which allows me to travel to run events across North America.

I am a dreamer, professional animal lover, adventure seeker and an cottage girl at heart.  Happiest on the back roads or on the water I would watch every sunrise and sunset if I could.  Every twist and turn is a different adventure and get out there, explore and dare to be different.

Chris Alexander

chris-helicopterHey, I’m Chris also born and raised in Ontario, Canada. I’m a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University and currently working as Director of Product Management at a really cool biometric tech company in Toronto. Growing up I had the opportunity to visit many of the Caribbean islands through family vacations. In total I’ve visited 12 different Caribbean islands and more recently had the privilege of visiting parts of Asia and Europe for business. I am always trying to find new ways to push the limit of technology and stay on top of new trends.

I grew up with a love for photography and have recently started to explore the world of video.  With my GoPro Hero 4 and DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone and DJI Inspire 1 drone, it adds a whole new aspect to our travel adventures.

I am currently taking flight training to become a recreational pilot, which I hope will give us the opportunity to visit and see places that most people don’t get the chance to see! My passion for snow, mountain and water sports, along with my love for travel gives me the drive to continue to find our next adventure.  Life was meant for good friends and great adventures!