Soaring over the Saint Elias Mountain Range, landing on the world’s largest non-polar icefield in front of Mount Logan is an adventure of a lifetime. Adventuring with Icefield Discovery in the Helio Courier C-GXFB we explored Kluane National Park and Reserve in the Yukon Territory.  We got the change to experience Kluane National Park & Reserve by air for Chris’ birthday and it was a celebration we will not soon forget.  The ever changing snow covered giants some standing over 5000 feet tall and the beautiful glaciers and icefields throughout the St. Elias Mountain Range leaves you mesmerized.  During our one and a half hour flight we flew over the Kaskawulsh Glacier, the mega giants of the St. Elias Mountian range and landed on the world’s largest non-polar icefield with Mount Logan in our foreground.  Exploring areas more people will never get the opportunity to see is a bucket list item everyone should do in their lifetime.  To read all about our experience in the air make sure to read our post here!

For all the adventure seekers, photographers, and people looking for views that will leave them speechless Kluane National Park by air offers all this and so much more.  Enjoy our video of our flight over Kluane National Park and Reserve discovering the vast wilderness, unlimited solitude and boundless nature that the park has to offer!

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