We flew to Nassau, Bahamas to spend a week soaking up the paradise that is the Bahamas, Caribbean.  From relaxing in the chairs at Atlantis Paradise Island, riding the not so lazy river or the slides throughout the beautiful resort. We ventured off Atlantis Paradise Island with Powerboat Adventures to head into the crystal clear waters to the Exuma Cays to snorkel with the fish, splash in the waves, feed the sharks our lunch left overs and just have a fun day in the sun.

We loved our stay at Atlantis Paradise Island! Atlantis is the Caribbeans top vacation resort that allows you to have the perfect beach getaway from the year round run warmth, turquoise waters and powder white sand.  With almost 2 million visitors to the property each year between lengthly vacations or a short day trip from cruise ship visitors and others it makes Atlantis a must see vacation destination.  Wander the beach at sunset with ice cream in hand, watch the majestic yachts anchor in their slips in the Marina Village, plummet down the 60-foot vertical drop on the Leap of Fair or simply relax in a beach chair or cabana and soak in the rich Bahamian sun.

If you have never visited the beautiful islands of the Bahamas in the Caribbean we hope this video will inspire you to plan your next vacation there.  With warm temperatures year round, so many great destinations and activities to do once you arrive you will never want to leave the Bahamas.  With some of the friendliest people around the island of the Bahamas is waiting to welcome you for your next vacation.  Enjoy our video through our week travels in the Bahamas and we hope to inspire you for your next adventure!


CNA Photos explores the beauty of Atlantis Paradise Island and The Exumas in Bahamas, Caribbean.  Enjoy!

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