We grew up watching Christmas Parades in our hometowns standing in the chilly December weather with a cup of hot chocolate waiting for Santa to come. This December I experienced another type of Christmas parade – a Holiday Boat Parade!

Dunedin is one among many towns throughout Florida that host Holiday boat parades each year.  During these festive events, you are treated to the beaming lights that reflect on the cool ripples of the Gulf Coast while holiday music floats into the crowds from the lavishly decorated boats.

These Christmas boat parades bring out large crowds of people from the town, and from all around.  One of the highlights of the event comes from the excitement of the children that sit along the docks and sidewalks waving at the boaters as they float by, singing along to the holiday music as they eagerly await for Santa to arrive on the final boat.  I really enjoyed how much the boaters seemed to revel in decorating and sharing their beautifully decorated vessels with the crowd.  You could see the boaters dancing, waving and singing along to the music, and how their enthusiasm was infectious for the crowds.

These parades are staples in Florida, with over 74 holiday boat parades from Pensacola to Key West, thousands come every year to see these events.  This is one of the many holiday traditions that comes with celebration Christmas at the beach.  If you have never had a chance to witness this beautiful spectacle of a Christmas boat parade, it is a must-do in your lifetime.

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