Christmas in Canada means cold days, white fluffy snow, making snowmen, snuggling by a fire and warm cups of hot coco – making it a favourite time of year for many Canadians.  However, many places in the world celebrate Christmas in hot climates and don’t know of the cold winter nights – only of warm breezes and palm trees instead of the crisp smell of a freshly cut evergreen tree.  Spending some time in Florida over the holiday season is a very different, yet a great thing to experience.  It opens up your eyes to how many people in hot climates have been celebrating Christmas for centuries.  Celebrating Christmas on the beach is a much do experience at least once if your life.  

— Getting to Decorate —

If you are spending the time in a vacation home or a rental you still have the opportunity to decorate your home away from home and make it feel like the holidays. If you are staying in a hotel, most decorate their lobbies with trees and wreaths to get you into the holiday spirit.  Regardless of whether you decorate your beach home to the nines with trees, garland and other Christmas paraphernalia, Christmas is really about being with your family and enjoying each others company whether it is in the cold or Christmas on the beach.

— Watch a Christmas Boat Parade on Water —

Christmas parades for Canadians means bundling up to stay warm, bringing a thermos full of hot chocolate or coffee and standing for several hours in the cold temperatures while waving at all the floats, waiting for Santa to come by.  In Florida, Christmas on the beach means the locals have the opportunity to head down to the harbours in their shorts and flip flops to watch their own Christmas parades – on the water! You’ll find this in many cities and towns along the water. Thousands of people flock to their local docks to watch beautifully decorated yhacts, boats, kayaks and canoes sail along the harbour in their annual boat parade.  The wide variety of boats spend hours lavishly decorating them to turn them into Christmas floats on water.  The parade is a must see for both first timers and those who have been watching the parade for years.

— Get Out of the Cold Weather —

Being Canadian doesn’t mean loving the cold weather we get for multiple months of the year.  By heading down to Florida and celebrating Christmas on the beach you are guaranteed to have no snow, and to have mild to warm temperatures in the month of December.  By heading south you also don’t have to shovel snow, wear a heavy winter coat and can instead trade it in for getting a tan, flip flops and sunglasses.

— Leave the Crowds Behind —

A normal holiday season consists of rushing around from store to store with our fellow shoppers, and fighting traffic to our holiday parties and family functions.  Escaping to the beach gives you the opportunity to get away with your family but without all the hustle and bustle that typically comes with the holiday season.  December is off-season in Florida, and other warm climate rates are typically better at resorts with less crowds, and you will likely have the beach to yourself!  With all these benefits for heading to the beach, what’s keeping you in winter-filled Canada when you could be spending your Christmas on the beach?

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