People of all ages will be able to find something to exciting to do at the private beach destination of Labadee, Haiti with their vast selection of excursions and available activities.  Royal Caribbean’s website helps breakdown the various activities by categories including Active Adventure, Culture and Sights and Family.


Dragon’s Tail Coaster

The Dragons Tail Coaster runs down the side of the mountain and gives you a view of all of Labadee from 680 feet up.  This coaster will travel to 30 miles per hour as you race down the mountain, but you also have the ability to slow your speed down with a manual break.  This is a great feature for those who are not looking to go at the coasters fastest speeds but still want to be able to enjoy the ride.  The Dragon’s Tail Coaster is offered as a single ride ($26.27 CAD) or an all day access pass ($47.55CAD). If you plan on riding the coaster more than once, the all day ride is the perfect option.   Minimum age to ride is 12 years old, but Children ages 5 to 11 can ride in the same cart with their parent/guardian.  The total ride time is about 3-5 minutes depending on how fast you go as you zip, wave and curve around this unique roller coaster.

Arawak Aqua Park


The aqua park offers a variety of floating toys including giant floating trampolines, water slides, rolling logs and pyramids.  This is a great activity for both adults and kids and is a great way to spend an hour playing in the water.  For one hour in the aqua park the price is is $26.27 CAD per person.  They provide you with a properly fitted life jacket so that you are safe out in the water at all times.  Admission to Arawak is limited by time slots which helps keeping the park from overcrowding.  This is a great spot for kids to burn off extra energy and have a memorable experience in Haiti.

Beach Bungalows / Cabanas

Looking for a little extra privacy while at the beach? Then the beach bungalows or cabanas are exactly what you are looking for. There are three different options that you can choose from:

Beach Cabanas on Nellie’s Beach for $299.25 for the full day (the pricing is per cabana not per person).  This gives you resort-style lounge chairs to lay out in the sun, a ceiling fan that helps provide a breeze, two floating beach mats, beach towels and a cabana attendant. To top it off, it has direct water access.


Another option is the Beach Bungalows at Columbus Cove which can be rented for $332.50 for the full day.  In my opinion, Columbus Cove is the quietest of the beaches in Labadee as it is a bit of a longer walk from the cruise ship, so not as many people make the trek out this way.  The Columbus Cove cabana area is roped off from the public so that only those with cabanas can get into the area adding an extra level of security if you are worried about leaving your bag in the hut.  These bungalows fit up to eight people in them and have floating beach mats, a stocked water cooler, beach towels, and a cabana attendant to bring you beverages.  What makes this one a little more expensive than the one in Nellie’s Beach? You’ll find that the cabanas are a bit larger and are more private, ensuring a relaxing experience.


The Beach Cabana Over the Water at Nellie’s Beach is the most luxurious of the three options as it sits over the water and gives you private water access in a more secluded area.  These upscale sea-view cabanas are located on the hillside of Nellie’s beach each with a set of stairs that take you directly down to the water.  The rental includes floating beach mats, towels and a personal cabana attendant.  As I mentioned above Nellie’s Beach is a more popular place to relax and swim than other places such as Columbus Cove, but in these cabanas you can be right in the action while having your own private area.  These water side cabanas rent for $340.15/day.


Dragon’s Breath Zip Line

The zip line is the original attraction to Haiti and has been providing incredible views and great fun for all those who ride.  The zip line takes you 500 feet above the beach and lets you hit speeds of 40-50 miles an hour as you fly down the 2,600 foot long line.  You start at the top of the mountain and get the ultimate view as you cross over both land and water.  The zip line is advertised as one of the longest in the world, and if you are an adventure seeker this is a must do.

You will spend just over an hour on this event as the staff take you through safety features and a short practice zip line to learn how to stop before taking on the real thing.  The cost of the zip line is $127.35 CAD for both adult and children.

The Beaches

The Beach is the number one way people choose to spend their time in Labadee.  As discussed above, there are a number of beaches available, each offering something different for each person or group who visits. All beach chairs are free – just remember to tip the staff if they happen to bring a chair over for you.


After talking with many people on the cruise ship about their previous experiences at Labadee, several recommended going to Columbus Cove for the day as this area is quite often the quietest area.  Not only is Columbus Cove the least busy area on the island, it also provides an incredible view of the ship sitting at the dock.  This area located in a sheltered part of the peninsula which makes for very calm waters to swim in.  It also has its own bars and dining facilities.


Dragon Tail Beach is the largest stretch of beach on the north side of Labadee and spans the majority of the peninsula.  It is very central to the town square and near the pier which often makes it more crowded.


Barefoot Beach Club is an exclusive area for those guests on the ship that are in the top suites (Grand Suite, Owner Suite, Royal Family Suite, Presidential Suite, Royal Suite, Royal Loft, Sky Loft, Crown Loft, Aqua Theater Suite) and those guests renting cabanas.  This area offers VIP service and complimentary amenities, including lounge chairs, floating mats, snorkel equipment and an upgraded BBQ lunch.  The cost of the cabanas on this beach range from $250-300 CAD for the day depending on the location.


Adrenaline Beach is the least visited of the beaches on Labadee as it is the furthest walk from the pier, but it also has the hardest surf as there are no barriers to stop the waves from rolling in. Royal Caribbean lists this beach better for sunbathing than actual swimming.

Artisan Village

In this village you will find the Artisan market where approximately 200 locals are allowed to sell their wares including wood carvings, paintings, t-shirts and more.  This is a great area if you are looking for some local souvenirs, but what out for hagglers as the shop keepers often try to sell you items even if you don’t need them.  You pass through this area as you walk from the Town Square to Columbus Cove. If you wish to bypass this area you can also go to Nellie’s beach and walk along the beach to get to Columbus Cove.

The Port

Don’t forget to explore on foot if you have some time as there are lots of small paved trails that take you to different look outs and all the various beaches listed above.  It does not take very long to get from one side of the port to the other, but if you do not want to walk there is a shuttle that can get you to most of the main spots.  Labadee, Haiti is a great port to spend a full day there is lots available for everyone to do!  We would most definitely return to Labadee and you would find us spending most of our day floating on the beach mats in Columbus Cove.




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