Ever considered visiting Haiti? It definitely was not on our must-visit list, but after pulling into Labadee, Haiti on the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas and getting the chance to spend a full day here we would love to come back!

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Labadee, Haiti is a private beach resort owned by Royal Caribbean and has everything you could need for a perfect day at the beach.  From pristine sand beaches, bars and food stations at every turn, roller coasters, zip lines and fun inflatables there is something for everyone of every age to do.


There are multiple beach areas that wrap around the tip of the island to give you every view you could imagine – looking for an ocean view to play in the rolling waves, or a calmer area with a view of the Royal Caribbean mega ships in port? You’ll find both options! We chose Columbus Cove which is not as popular of an area as it is a bit of a walk but very worth it.  This area gives you a beautiful view of your cruise ship and the waters are warm and very calm.  In this area you can see the families having fun on the inflatables in the water, there is a big lunch area, bar and bathrooms all within a quick walk from your chairs.  For those that would like to visit Columbus Cove but don’t think they can manage the walk, Royal Caribbean offers a one way ferry from the cruise ship dock over to the cove. Keep in mind that it is one way, so you will have to either walk our take the shuttle back.

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One of the best things about visiting Labadee, Haiti with Royal Caribbean is that all food and drinks are included with your regular cruise packages.  They cook a full buffet lunch and if you have a drink package, you have access to unlimited drinks. The area is all staffed by Royal Caribbean employees which makes you feel incredibly safe.  We had no concerns leaving our bags on shore and going to swim in the water.


There is a great little artesian village where locals have the option to sell art, jewelry and other trinkets if you are interested in getting a souvenir from Haiti.  All vendors in this area have been pre-approved by Royal Caribbean which means you won’t see anyone wandering through the resort trying to haggle you.


If you are looking for a bit more of an adventurous day than just relaxing by the beach there are multiple options for you.  The Dragons Breath Flight Line is a 2,600 foot long zip line that lets you soar down the mountain.  There is also a roller coaster called the Dragons Tail Coaster that lets you ride down the side of the mountain and is driven completely by gravity. You can go as fast or as slow as you want with the use of a hand break.  Some other options include jet ski rentals, parasailing, snorkeling, kayaking, the inflatable aqua park, sailing tour and much more.  However, keep in mind that these excursions are not included in the Royal Caribbean package and will cost you extra money. For example the Zip Line will cost you almost $100 USD which was enough to deter us from some of these extra activities.


Spending the day on the beach was perfect for us.  We got a chance to fully relax, read a good book and enjoy each others company.  It was an incredibly hot day at 92 F before humidity!  Thankfully the water being steps from our beach chair was a great way to cool down.  One of the things I really enjoyed was everyone got a beach chair for free! This never seems to happen when you go to a public beach in the Caribbean unless you are on a resort so we were really happy about this.  If you are looking for something a little more private with the same great experience, they offer several different kind of Cabanas that you can rent.  These luxury cabanas offer a sea view overlooking the action on Nellie’s Beach and include 2 floating mats, lunch, water, beach towels and the service of a cabana attendant.  This option is perfect for people looking for a little more private experience, large groups or families.

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If you ever get the change to visit Labadee with Royal Caribbean jump on the opportunity.  You will get to see a beautiful area of Labadee, Haiti that many will never get a chance to visit.  After having a full 10 hours here I could have stayed for a few more days in the beautiful town of Labadee, Haiti!
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