We got up early one morning on our trip to Killarney to hike The Crack.  The Crack hike offers the iconic Killarney views of the pristine lakes framed by the white quartzite La Cloche mountains.  To find the beginning of this trail you must leave Killarney Park and head North- East, away from the town of Killarney, and go about 7km down the road.  There is a small opening for a road that is marked by a small sign with two diamonds.  The Crack hike begins on an old logging road, this portion of the hike is level and easily navigated for 1.5km until joining up with La Cloche Silhouette Trail at which point becomes much more rugged.  Beyond Kakakaise Lake, the trail becomes very steep and rugged as the forest begins to disappear and give way to the exposed quartzite outcrops and cliffs that dominate the area.  Make sure to note which way the markers are pointing and look for the large rock mounds to continue to guid your way as you climb in elevation.

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The toughest part of the hike is once you near ‘The Crack’  the large boulders that have broken away from the rock face provide a good challenge to navigate your way up and over them, but once you reach the top of the crack the view is worth the entire hike.


Once you reach the top take the time to take in the view, explore the entire top and enjoy some time up there before you begin your descent.



Some tips to consider before hiking the crack:

  • Have a hearty meal a few hours before so you have enough energy to do the climb
  • Start out early in the morning before it gets too hot in the day
  • Make sure you bring more than one bottle of water with you
  • Make sure to wear proper footwear (running shoes at the very least)
  • Bring a snack with you


The Crack Trail is 6km round trip and they say it takes about 4 hours to do.  Chris and I did the hike in just under 2.5 hours including 30 minutes at the top taking photos.  Once at the top make sure you follow the same trail back down otherwise you could end up on a 7-10 day hiking trail! The Crack was worth the hike and I would love to come back and do it in the fall once all the trees have changed their colours!


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