Chris and I recently got the opportunity to attend Canalien & Co’s 1st ever Camp Canalien up in Muskoka! We got a chance to photograph and drone their entire event and what a blast it was!  To paper bagged lunches, beautiful Lake Muskoka dockside scenery and camp games it was the perfectly planned weekend at Camp Canalien.

I loved their idea to have a tuck shop for everyone attending to view their newest and up and coming products.  You were greeted at Camp Canalien with a big welcome sign and got a chance to check out the tuck shop and buy their upcoming up coming products you could wear on your next trip.

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Ever heard of Canalien & Co? They are a team of Canadians that was created through their experiences travelling abroad.  They started their company to promote Canada’s ever-changing Canadian identity.  Make sure to check them out at their website for their great travel stories as well as their awesome Canadian made clothing –

canalien-6 canalien-7 canalien-5

What made this collaboration at Camp Canalien with such a great group of people so special for Chris and I is that their company shares many of the same values as we do. “A Canalien is a proud Canadian who also embraces the ‘alien’ way of life; of exploring foreign lands and cultures, of seeking adventure, and also welcoming like-minded people along the way.” Their symbol in theory should act as an icebreaker between people around the world with the common ground of having a special place in their heart for Canada.  You will see Chris and I always have our Canalien clothing with us especially when we travel!


Make sure to check out the video of the weekend at Camp Canalien!

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